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Harbour City Hosting understands how moving your website from one company to another can be a difficult task, many people don’t know where to start and don’t have the time to migrate websites. Harbour City Hosting offers solution to assist you with moving your website from your current web hosting company to the fantastic system which we have here at Harbour City Hosting.

Web Site Migration
Full fledged Data migration!

Let our team at Harbour City Hosting take care of this for you, worry free - Website Transfer.

Email Transfer
Transfer your emails to HCH!

Easily transfer your existing emails to the powerful system that we have built here at Harbour City Hosting

Sit back
While we do all the hard work!

Once your data has been provisioned and is accessable on the Harbour City Hosting system, you can login and start your Business as normal.


Data migration is the proces of transferring your data (Web Site) from one provider to another through the means of FTP.

You can expect your Website + Emails to be transferred to Harbour City Hosting within the recommended time generally this will take about 1 day to complete, we endevour to make sure there's no issues, however we will keep you informed all the way through the process.

It all depends what you have running and what kind of Website you have, generally around 1 day to complete. Please contact us on 02 4943 0621 if you have any further questions.

Scalability. Control. Performance

Consider Harbour City Hosting as your Premium Hosting Provider

Fast & simple

Dedicated Australian Support 24/7, call 02 4943 0621 to speak to a Hosting Expert.

Control Panel

A custom built control panel so you can manage your Hosting easily.

SSD storage

100% SSD storage for Lightning quick server Performance.

Integrated Resources

Integrated resource graphs makes your Hosting a breeze to operate.

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